Infant Toddler and Full Day: For new, incoming students, your child’s belongings will be stored in a basket inside an assigned cubby in your child’s classroom.  The basket is available to pick up on your child’s visit day.

Discovery Room: Your child’s belongings will be stored in an assigned cubby in your child’s classroom.  Children in this classroom come to school with a backpack.



We partner with Sticky Monkey Labels.  Labeling your child’s belongings is a must.  Good Shepherd has a promo code for ordering. Send us an email here and we’ll share the code with you.

Remember to label all of your child’s belongings with their FIRST and LAST NAME.


Rest Time Recommendations {Toddlers and Full Day}

Toddler, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Purple Rooms: A fitted crib sheet works best for these classroom’s napping cots. The pillow linked below will fit perfectly in your child’s preschool basket/assigned cubby space.

Green and Orange Rooms: Nap rolls ups work best {and they have an attached pillow}.  These are lightweight and can be rolled up easily to be stored in your child’s basket.

A “Nap Time and Rest Time” informational video tour can be found here.

Lunch Box Recommendations

Containers that are stack-able or have no fuss lids give children easy access to take them on and off. Lunch stored in a thermos, warmed and already prepared, or BPA-plastic is preferred.


Water Bottles

To ensure your child is staying hydrated, we suggest a water bottle is stored in your child’s assigned cubby.



Shoes like these are easy for children to take on and off. They also wear well in water play and sand. Remember: shoes must be fully enclosed


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