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Is there an opening for my child?

Individual classroom enrollment can change several times during the course of a year, or a classroom registration can remain constant. We are looking forward to having your family join our Preschool!

Call us for more information 949.552.1967.

Are the Half Day Children and the Full Day children in the same classrooms?

No, there are separate rooms and individual curriculum for each program.

Is your program developmental or academic? What are the differences?

Our program is a developmental philosophy based on the fundamental principles of the growth of children. Children’s emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual stages occur in a predictable, orderly pattern.

For example, throughout the world, children sit before they crawl, crawl before they walk, and walk before they run. However, the time sequence of these stages is unique to each child. In addition, each child has their style and rate of learning.

The curriculum is developed as interests and ideas emerge from the children—their investigations and research advance through the developmental stages at their growth rate.

At Good Shepherd, children develop academic concepts (science, math, literacy, etc.) through these inquiries and studies. In small groups, various opportunities are provided to explore the many wonders of our world through “hands-on” experiences utilizing the five senses.

Linked here is our “Developmental Progression at Good Shepherd Preschool”

Is my child just going to be playing at preschool or will he/she be learning?

Our diversified program will offer the following activities to form a solid basis for school readiness – –

Teachers participate in developing memorable Chapels.

Bible stories, songs of praise and worship, and prayer are an integral part of this special time.

Children learn about God’s great love for them and the importance of knowing Jesus Christ.

Through dramatic play, blocks, creative art, stories, problem-solving, and social interactions, language is encouraged.

Small muscles necessary for writing are strengthened with fine motor activities such as scissors, play-dough, sign language, stringing beads, and pasting.

Perceptual and conceptual development are improved with science, puzzles, board games, finger-plays, and books.

Motor development enhances the growth of large muscles with obstacle courses, balancing boards, and games with scooter boards and balls.

Our Music Teacher brings songs and creative movement that develops listening skills, rhythm patterns, and attention span.

Are snacks and lunches provided?

The Preschool provides nutritious, low-sugar snacks following the nutritional requirements set by the State of California. 100% juice, water, and/or organic milk is served alongside snacks. 

Snacks are served mid-morning for the entire school. 

Children in the Full Day Program also receive a mid-afternoon after rest time. 

Snack calendars are posted on parent boards in each classroom and are linked below. 

Infant Toddler, Full Day, and Discovery Prekindergarten families provide a lunch for their children which is stored alongside their belongings.

Keep in mind that we are a nut-free campus!

Monthly Snack Calendar – Full Day Program

Monthly Snack Calendar – Half Day, Discovery Room Program